Fri., 8:32am: Second molotov cocktail found in Salem

SALEM – Another Molotov cocktail bomb was discovered on South Broadway, this time unexploded on the ground at the rear of a restaurant in the 300 block Thursday morning.

A caller notified police at 8:36 a.m. about the device and the police notified the city fire department, which responded to the scene.

The items were taken by police for evidence for the State Fire Marshal.

Last Thursday, an officer saw a small fire in the street in the 400 block of South Broadway and found a broken glass bottle next to the flames, with evidence of a splatter and burn pattern.

What appeared to be a patch of burned cloth possibly used as a wick was found in the splatter and burn pattern where the bottle landed.

Anyone with information about these incidents should call the police at 330-337-7811.