Fri. 8:11pm: Crowd injured by car at vigil

YOUNGSTOWN – Several people in a crowd that gathered tonight on a South Side for a vigil for a man who was killed in a hit and run accident were injured by another car.

Units were first called to Hylda Avenue for a traffic accident about 6:30 p.m., but once they knew what had happened, detectives and traffic investigators were called to the scene, a police spokeswoman said.

She said several people were injured but she was not sure how many.

Witnesses told Tribune news partner Channel 33 News a car turned off its lights, sped up and ran into the crowd.

The vigil was held for Robert Brown Jr., 23, who was killed about 3 a.m. Sunday as he was leaving a birthday party at a nearby bar and was hit by a car.

Police are still looking for the driver of the car that hit Brown.