Thu., 9:34am: Youngstown man guilty; Brookfield man faces death in Realtor killing

YOUNGSTOWN — A Youngstown man pleaded guilty Wednesday to robbing a real estate agent. Meanwhile, his Brookfield partner and brother face the death penalty for killing her.

Paul Brooks, 30, of Castalia Avenue, pleaded guilty to two first-degree felony counts of aggravated robbery and kidnapping. Mahoning County Common Pleas Judge James Evans will sentence Brooks on Feb. 12. The maximum sentence is 23 years in prison. Prosecutors recommended 11 years.

Brooks’ partners are Grant P. Cooper of Brookfield and Robert A. Brooks. They are charged with luring realtor Vivan Martin into a home, strangling her and setting the home afire. Martin was burned beyond recognition.

Robert Brooks is scheduled for a pretrial Wednesday. Cooper is scheduled for a pretrial Jan. 31.