Mon., 1:32pm: Armstrong ready as Oprah comes to town

AUSTIN, Texas — Days of preparation dwindled to hours for Lance Armstrong, whose scheduled interview with Oprah Winfrey transformed his quiet upscale neighborhood into a destination for media awaiting word of an apology and for onlookers snapping souvenir photos.

While all this was going on Monday morning, Armstrong managed to slip away for a jog. He returned home by cutting through a neighbor’s yard and hopping a fence.

After more than a decade of denying that he doped to win the Tour de France seven times, Armstrong was set to sit down Monday for what has been trumpeted as a “no-holds barred,” 90-minute, question-and-answer session with Winfrey.

The cyclist will make a limited confession about his role as the head of a long-running scheme to dominate the prestigious bike race with the aid of performance-enhancing drugs, a person with knowledge of the situation has told The Associated Press.

Winfrey and her crew said they would film the interview at Armstrong’s home and broadcast it Thursday on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Local and international news crews were staking out positions in front of Armstrong’s Spanish-style villa. News crews began arriving before dawn, hoping to catch a glimpse of Winfrey or Armstrong.