Answers requested by my readers

After all these years writing columns for the Howland Bandwagon and the Howland Community News, nothing satisfies me more than to learn someone who reads my articles tells me so by e-mail, a phone call or on the street.

My November article titled “Pondering Thoughts” contained questions some readers tried to answer or requested the correct answers be supplied. I therefore feel it’s fair to take this column to answer some of those questions:

1. John Hanson was the actual first resident of the United States when the Treaty of Paris of 1783 recognizing the U.S. as a country was signed under the Continental Congress;

2. George Washington was actually the 14th president as the Continental Congress had 13 presidents. Washington did not take office until 1789 with the U.S. beginning in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence;

3. An “octothorpe” is the name for what most people call a pound sign;

4. A “triple quad sided hypocycloid” is the name of the emblem the Pittsburgh Steelers use that was color modified from the emblem of the United States Steel Company of Pittsburgh;

5. The year when Ratliff Road in Howland changed to North River Road NE remains a mystery, however, it seems to have occurred some time in the early 1960’s;

6. Heaton North Road in Howland still officially remains the real name of what today is just called North Road;

7. I have not ascertained the years when a toll corduroy road that connected Warren to Cortland came into existence and when it went out of existence;

8. Kellogg’s of Battle Creek made Krumbles breakfast cereal starting in 1912;

9. Napoleon Bonaparte was not at his usual battlefield post to make troop movements at the Battle of Waterloo because his hemorrhoids were causing him so many problems he could not ride his horse. Instead he relied on relayed enemy troop movements;

10. The H.M.S. Titanic originally sent out telegraph distress signals as “CQD” as the current used distress signal “SOS” was just coming into use and was used only late in the ship’s signaling for help.

Thanks for reading my columns. Now join your historical society and help support your community.

The Howland Historical Society’s meeting on January 9th will be 7 p.m. at the township administration building. The speaker will be Nick Spano with the topic: “The Invention of the Hot Dog, Scorecard, and Drinking Straws.” The public invited.

Contact Warner Taiclet, vice president of the Howland Historical Society, at 330-856-1115.