Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Howland June 1-28:

Willard and Evelyn Lewis to Joshua and Brandi North to 7814 Sutton Place, $115,000.

EFS Rentals LLC to Abe Isaac LLC, 4327 E. Market St., $190,000.

JDB Family Limited Partnership #1 to Abe Isaac LLC, East Market St., $190,000.

Alexander and Melissa Hills to Sarah Stafford, 210 Pineview Village, $84,000.

Judith A. McDonald to Mark and Jodi Ann Walters, 110 Kingston Court, $280,000.

Sadhana and Vandana Moneypenny to Keith Clark, 7771 Trefeathen, $129,000.

Regina Kagy to Janet Jamison, 349 Willow, $97,000.

DJA Holdings LLC to MAthew Weems, 514 Rosegarden, $93,725.

Jon B. Lowry to John and Robin Galloway, 3159 Gretchen, $129,000.

Helen Giancarlo to Cynthia Ferry, 2521 Allyson, $72,000.

Irma an Frank Brainard to Mary and Zachary Chaffin, Forest Springs Drive, $34,000.

Patrick and Angela Dobson to Edward Shaker, 311 Howland Springs, $122,000.

David and Linda Spies to William Mullane and Patricia Latham, 8680 Kimblewick Lane, $250,000.

Deborah Bufano to Eric Stevens Jr., 3000 N. River Unit F22, $40,500.

MYD Investments LLC to Calvin and Joanne Gilbert, 1009 Oakwood Drive, $334,000.

R&S Land Company to Vernon Realty LLC, 32 Washington, $152,500.

Eric J. Halowell to Wells Fargo National Bank NA, 4397 Sunnybrook, $40,000.

Bradley and Rebecca Strawser to Kevin and Keitsa Miles, 9401 Firestone, $190,000.

Raymond and Nancy Kriner to Erik and Kathryn Bachinger, 8568 Deer Creek, $168,000.

Darryl McKee Sr. to John T. and Ann L. Sinclair, 8289 High, $65,000.

James and Melody Victor to Aimee Elizabeth Ifft, 8578 Squirrel Hill, $140,000.

Holly and Terry Dively to Susan E. Knox, 8089 Castle Rock, $127,000.

Martin and Susan Nadenichek to Terry and Valerie Maffitt, 209 South Aspen Unit 4 Court, $98,000.

Mario O. Valsi to Thayne and Marie Albrecht, 8063 E. Market, $120,000.

Patrick and Doreen Hooper to Barbara Custerline, 7962 Raglan, $110,000.

William and Christina Rupert to Weston Dean and Vinton Earl Sisson, 320 Springbrook Drive, $135,000.

Robert and Barbara Hynes to Wayne and Heather Brusseau, 1665 Brittainy Oaks, $280,000.

Michael and Barbara Nuzzi to Larry L. Weaver Sr., 3610 Bruce, $160,000.

Barbara J. Peyatt to Daniel Tul, 864 Shadowood Lane, $125,000.

Kasey McCollum and Donna Mangino to David and Megan Loomis, 1549 Woodhill, $185,000.

Gary W. and Terry L. Lewis to Jessica M. McCulley and Nathan T. Butler, 3883 Devon, $87,900.

Darrin Yount to Shawn and Jessica Cummins, 1484 Raccoon, $130,000.

Jill Sprockett to Connie Caraway, Fairgreen, $18,000.

Emlyn M. Rider to Matthew T. Rider, Warwick, $66,000.

Sharon Hammonds to Jabbes 6 Inc., 120 N. Aspen Court Unit 3, $106,000.

Joseph Bauers to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 899 North, $70,000.

Jennifer Wearsch to Cortney Pozna, 8915 Cain, $128,000.

Richard and LuLu Whitehouse to Richard Whitehouse , 9262 Howland Springs, $27,500.

Harkor Properties LLC to David Crager, 7891 Castle Rock, $123,000.

Richard Whitehouse to Hassler Real Estate Holdings LLC, 9262 Howland Springs, $27,500.

Stephen and Lisa Fuller to Household Realty Corporation, 8928 King Graves, $34,000.