Scout renovates police shed

HOWLAND — A shed used by Howland Township police for storing equipment and other items received a major renovation. Howland resident Christian Sincich remodeled the building for his Eagle Scout project.

The Howland High School freshman said he knew the police shed’s exterior aged due to weather and was in need of being remodeled. The shed is at the township’s public works property off North River Road.

Sincich, 15, said he spoke with Jim Rapone, a leader with the local Boy Scouts, who told him the shed needed to be refurbished and would be a good Eagle Scout project. He then spoke with Howland police Chief Nick Roberts, who said the shed is used for storing targets and other firing range equipment.

”Most of the work is on the exterior of the shed because it has gotten really run down. It had really aged and need a good coat of paint on it,” Sincich said.

The roof of the shed had new shingles put on, the wooden sides replaced and a large police badge logo placed on it. There was some work on the interior.

The project was completed in three days. Sincich will receive his Eagle Scout award later this year.

Sincich served as project manager and oversaw the work done by members of Scout Troop 122 and adult volunteers. He did project estimates and fundraising to complete the project. He was able to raise $750.

”We were glad to be selected as the recipient of his Eagle Scout Award,” Roberts said.