Seasonal trains displayed

BLOOMFIELD — For the sixth year, miniature trains will run in the 1893 town hall as the North Bloomfield Historical Society has created a holiday display.

Two large train displays, one set in a winter landscape and one set in summer, have been create by historical society members each with trains running through miniature villages, mountains and farms.

The trains will be displayed 2 to 5 p.m. Saturdays and 5 to 8 p.m. Wednesdays in December.

On Dec. 8, Santa Claus will make a guest appearance.

“We have a little of everything. We have a few new additions. There is a winter scene and summer scene,” said Roger Peterson, president of the historical society, who made miniature replicas of a milk dispensary and former sewer tile factory which were two of the township’s former main businesses.

Peterson, a township trustee, brought many of the remote trains and miniature scale-model buildings of historic Bloomfield he made or received as donations, to set up a Christmas-themed display.

Peterson said there will also be small trains for children to play with as well as free popcorn, cookies and cocoa.

He said the event allows for the opportunity to provide a little history while celebrating the holidays.

“We are slipping in the vegetables to their meal by showing Bloomfield’s history with the holiday display. They will have fun and learn about what Bloomfield was like,” Peterson said.

There will also be a scavenger hunt finding items in the displays.

Peterson said it took him 20 hours to construct the miniature buildings, often working late at night.

Children and adults will be able to use remote controls and push buttons for the trains. There also will be a fireplace Christmas display for family photos. There will be wooden trains for children to play with and a Christmas tree is in the main entrance lobby.

Peterson said children like the factory display that has smoke coming from the stacks.