This week in history

This week in history

99 years ago in 1919:

• Trumbull County welcomed her returned soldiers at an event not only for the boys honored but to the thousands who joined in the celebration and helped make it a grand success. The estimated crowd was over 30,000 with an additional 40,000 seeing the fireworks. The day’s festivities started with a salute of 100 guns and from then until well into the night there was something to do every minute.

50 years ago in 1968:

• Trumbull County Auditor William C. Trimbur announced the county had fewer wholesale and retail cigarette dealers for 1968-69 than for the previous 12 months. Trimbur felt the fewer applications received for the coming 12 months was due to the publicity given to the effects of smoking.

Applications were received for 995 retail licenses and nine wholesale licenses for 1968-69 as compared with 1,033 retail and 10 wholesale for the 1967-1968 year.

25 years ago in 1993:

• As many as 8,000 Trumbull County residents were awaiting late welfare and disability checks delayed with the $30.8 million state budget that was installed late. Claire Smith, director of Trumbull County Human Services, said the checks should have been received but were held for Gov. George Voinovich to finalize the state budget.

“The checks were run and ready to go. You have to expect this happening every two years,” Smith said, referring to the budget signing.

Smith said it was frustrating and the county office had received a lot of calls.

10 years ago in 2008:

• A 39 year-old Howland woman who had made national news for being shocked with a Taser by Warren police was arrested on charges of assault and disorderly conduct.

Accused of assaulting an 18-year-old woman outside of a Denny’s Restaurant on Mahoning Avenue in Austintown, the incident followed a video showing the woman, Heidi Gill, in handcuffs knocked unconscious on the pavement following her attempt to kick out the back window of a police cruiser.

The woman pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charges of assault, disorderly conduct while intoxicated and failure to desist.

— Compiled from Tribune Chronicle archives by Emily Earnhart