Bloomfield’s town hall hits 125 years

BLOOMFIELD — Whether being used by a local dancing group, opening for an ice cream social or hosting a Christmastime display of model trains, the historic Bloomfield township hall is a local landmark known to many in the northern rural Trumbull County community.

To recognize the building at 8830 Park Drive in the township center, the North Bloomfield Historical Society will celebrate the building’s 125th anniversary with a celebration 1 to 3 p.m. Aug. 12.

Roger Peterson, society president, said the society will showcase a large display of recently recovered documents from the original township safe inside the town hall. A lunch of shredded roast beef sandwiches and other food will held by donation.

The hall was constructed in 1893.

Society members Elizabeth Wildman and Holly Ward opened the hall for an ice cream social earlier this summer for the annual Bloomfield Optimists Club’s firefighters festival.

“This gets people inside to see the town hall and our local history,” Wildman said.

She said the town hall is one of the oldest buildings in the community. The nearby Brownwood home and farm is also an historic building, turning 200 in 2019.

Ward said the town hall has been used for historical society meeting, harvest dinners, field trips from students and staff of the local Bloomfield-Mespo schools, holiday displays and square dancing events.

“It is amazing how many people have never been in here even local residents,” said society member Judi Sheridan.

On the walls of the building are photos taken over the years of the local community.

Peterson said last spring many local school children toured the town and stopped at the town hall.

He said because of the volunteers and society members the township is able to have displays and events in the town hall. Peterson and others spend each winter setting up train displays for a Christmas open house display

Ben Wildman of Bristol who helped set up displays said he likes to showcase the local history.