Radio-controlled planes soar

BAZETTA –Radio-controlled planes took to the skies as the Flying AEROS Club hosted one of their annual fly-in events.

Doug Hannas, club president, said the members enjoy getting together at the club’s 600-foot field which they lease from the Trumbull County Fair Board.

He said the planes can be smaller scale with some going up to 100 mph to the larger model planes which can do turns and spins in the sky. Hannas said the fund-raising event is one of a number planned which includes an Aug. 5 picnic and fly-in.

“This field is used by the members and is an asset to the group providing them with a place to bring their planes,” he said adding that the public is welcome to attend for viewing.

In addition to the planes, some members have drones, Hannas said.

“We have people who can help others learn to fly the planes.” he said.

The field is the former fairgrounds airplane runway which was used as a landing strip. Hannas said the fairgrounds now gives helicopter rides.

Joe Ramps of Girard has been with the club since 1990.

“It’s a nice place to be to get to see others and their planes and have fun.. We have been using the field since the 1990s,” he said.

Ed Mackiewicz, a Cortland native, said he brought his wife and their two young children to the event noting when he was younger, his father brought him to see the planes.

“They have fun and love the planes.” he said.

Hannas said the hobby has seen growth and decline in popularity over the years but there are always people who enjoy model planes.

He said years ago there was more assembling lanes from a kit, but now people can get the planes already assembled.

“Now you pull them out of the box and they’re ready to fly,” he said.

For information, call 330-442-2463.