Freshmen boys get chance to explore nontraditional careers

CHAMPION — Just as many programs have been held to showcase programs for high school girls, a new program, “One Day for Boys,” is allowing freshmen boys to see careers that are less filled by males.

“We already have programs for girls to see careers, such as ‘The Road Not Taken’ for high school sophomores, ‘We are It’ and Girls in STEM Day, where they see career fields that are traditionally filled by males,” Cara DeToro, career development coordinator at Trumbull Career and Technical Center. “We decided to also do something for boys.”

“One Day for Boys” focused on occupations not usually experienced by males, such as such as pharmacy technology, early childhood, dental assisting, cosmetology, nursing, teaching, occupational therapy and biotechology, she said.

“Many of these fields are often underrepresented by men. They are considered nontraditional for boys since less than 25 percent of men are employed in them. (For example), at elementary schools, most often the majority of teachers are women,” DeToro said.

“They learned about different careers and the training and education required. This allows them to see at least something they may be interested in or may want to do. This day at least gives them the chance to see what it is about,” DeToro said.

For taking part in the event, the freshmen received a green T-shirt imprinted “One for the Boys.”

Jill Woods, dental assisting instructor, said while her course is often filled by female students, she encourages males to be part as well.

The boys visiting the class learned to make dental impressions and took part in other activities that are done daily in dental offices.

DeToro said males are always wanted in the health care fields, such as therapy and nursing.

Zach Burns, 14, of Bristol, said he liked being able to see the programs and taking part in the hands-on activities.

TJ Saxton, 15, of LaBrae, said he also enjoyed hands-on activities of what takes place in different careers. He said he likes biotech.