Train club finds new home

WARREN — After being located outside for many years at the former Warren SCOPE Senior Center, the Riverside Railroad Club has found a new indoor home where it can work and display model trains year round.

The club moved late last year to the YWCA building, 372 N. Park Ave. after the SCOPE Center moved its offices and operations to the new location in October.

The club held its annual holiday Christmas open house at the new indoor location, which is on the lower floor of the YWCA building with an entire room being used to showcase the trains.

”I’m excited for the train club as they move into the new indoor location where they can conduct shows throughout the year and not have to worry about the weather like they did with the outdoor display at our old building,” said Mike Wilson, director of SCOPE Senior Services who hosts the train club.

Darrin Warren of Fowler, a club member, said the group moved to the new location in December.

“This is much bigger than our previous indoor one. We can have this open year round and work on trains all year and not have to worry about any rain delays,” Warren said.

The club has several sets of model trains making their way through a detailed city setting constructed by club members.

He said there are many pluses to being located inside instead of having to close for a portion of the year with an outdoor display.

”We can now get into more of the details of the displays which we could not always do outside because of the weather,” Warren said.

Because of the trains being on elevated tables people do not have to bend over or sit to work on the trains but can stand.

Warren said many of the members are getting older so they can still sit on higher chairs and work on the trains and display areas, which include a variety of themes such as cities, amusement parks, circus and farms.

”We will be able to hold more open houses inside than we normally do. We can walk in here any day and work on the trains and not worry about having to brush dirt, leaves and debris off the tracks,” Warren said.

Club members have been constructing an extensive indoor display complete with buildings, bridges and tracks with different trains that travel around a large indoor circular shaped track.

Allen Jesunes of Parkman said he now can work on trains more times throughout the year.

He said it is much easier to reach items when they are on elevated tables and not on the ground.

Warren said he and club members appreciate the YWCA and SCOPE allowing them to locate inside the building in a larger room.

He said when they hold open houses, he expects more people to attend since it is inside.

”There is more space for us to have more people working here and coming to see what we have,” Warren said.

The club hopes to attract new members to its ranks.

The club meets 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. each Tuesday at the center. For information, call 330-399-8846 or visit