Howland team tops in tourney

Prep bowl

LORDSTOWN — Howland and Niles middle school students were both excited and nervous as they prepared for the championship round Saturday in the fifth- and sixth-grade elementary academic prep bowl competition. The finals began, questions and answers flew, and in the end, Howland took the tournament title.

More than 100 students on 30 teams from 20 school districts gathered at Lordstown High School to test their knowledge in various subject areas.

The event was hosted by the Trumbull County Educational Service Center and was the first of three events, with a junior high tournament set for Feb. 24 and the high school competition Feb. 10, both at Lordstown High School. The high school winners will advance to the regional and state levels.

Bryan O’Hara, director of curriculum at TCESC, said students compete in three rounds, which are a category round of all content areas, such as geography, science and language arts, with 12 questions; an alphabet round of a letter with 12 questions; and a lightning round with 12 questions

”This is a great opportunity for students to mature in their academics and express their knowledge of different subject areas by working together as a team,” O’Hara said.

He said teams put in a lot of time and work collaborating and preparing for the event.

Ainsley Elliot, 12, sixth-grader at Niles Middle School, which finished third, said, ”It was really fun getting to answer the questions. It was a little stressful at some times. It was awesome to make it this far.”

Natalie Parry, 11, sixth grade at Niles Middle School, said the event can be nerve-wracking but is fun.

”We are lucky to have a good team that is good in math and science,” she said.

Howland Middle School team member Alyssa Bettura, 11, said she credits her team’s success to teamwork and practice. She said members study information on wonders of the world, presidents, state capitals and continents.

The team competed last year when they were at North Road Intermediate School before moving to sixth grade at the middle school. Logan Cook, 12, of Howland Middle School, said the team knew what to expect this year.

Jason Miner, 11, a sixth-grader at John F. Kennedy, said his team did well in the lightning round and alphabet letter category.The JFK sixth-grade team placed fourth.

Corey Zallow, JFK team coach, said the team worked very hard to get to where they area. ”They practiced a lot at school.”