Developing leadership skills

WARREN — A three-day-per-week, after-school program at the YWCA of Warren is helping to foster strong leadership skills in 9th- and 10th-grade girls.

Sonya Davenport, assistant coordinator of the program, said the focus is on different themes each week for the more than 20 girls.

”We have been talking about business entrepreneurs and business plans to start a business and having each girl share ideas. We want them to see what it takes to run a business,” said Davenport, noting girls are each developing their own logos that will be sewn on a shirt and jacket. She said the girls also will create products that relate to their logo.

Davenport said the topics will focus on Black History Month during February and Women’s History Month during March.

The girls leadership program has been offered for several years addressing the importance of girls becoming the leaders of tomorrow through leadership, guidance, empowerment and transformation. The program provides resources and workshops that increase self-confidence, equip girls with leadership skills that will give them confidence, improve friendships and communication, increase their academic success and leave them feeling empowered to make a difference in their own lives and in their community.

Danyelle Lambright, a freshman at Warren G. Harding, said the program has helped her with dealing with depression and other teen issues.

”We get to do a lot of activities and talk about careers. We have done sewing and hip-hop,” Lambright said.

Davenport said the program uses the Girls’ Circle curriculum, which focuses on healthy youth expression and explores responses to adolescent challenges. Incorporating art, story telling, group discussion and journaling, the Girls’ Circle curriculum tackles tough subjects like body image, friendship and family.

Destiny Jordan, ninth-grader at Warren G. Harding, said she likes the girls’ circle where people can share stories about personal issues at home or school.

”I like how you can relate to others, and what they are facing and how they support each other,” she said.

Ollie Daniels of Lordstown and student at Trumbull Career and Technical Center, said the girls do volunteer work and have made 220 cards for elderly residents.

Daniels, marking her second year in the program, said she helps with career preparation.

”I feel like I am doing something productive,” she said.

Barbara Johnson of Warren, a volunteer, said she enjoys providing guidance to the girls when they come to the YWCA Tuesday to Thursday.

The program also has guest speakers, field trips and community volunteering.

Girls can attend at any time. Call 330-373-1010.