Vienna man makes bell display

VIENNA — Wanting to give back to the fire department to remember his father and a family friend, township resident Gary Clower created a special stand and display for an old fire truck bell.

Clower said the Hagood family acquired the bell from an old antique fire truck that was used in parades and other events.

Starr Manufacturing, which is located in the township, refurbished and chromed the bell at no expense.

Clower said the bell is used at the Sept. 11 memorial service hosted by the township and also at firefighter funerals as the ”firefighters last call” to remember those who served.

Clower said his father, Warren, who was a carpenter and assistant fire chief, was planning to build a special box for the bell but died before he did so.

Gary Clower said he decided to build the box and then dedicated it to his father, who was a firefighter for 60 years, and to Bill Hagood, who was a firefighter for 53 years.

”I decided to build the box in memory of two great men in my life. Between the two of them, there is 113 years of volunteer service. These are two men who have been around for a long time,” he said.

Clower, who is an engineer and worked as a carpenter for 16 years, spent much of the earlier part of the year making the box and completing it last summer in time for the Sept. 11 memorial service.

He said he designed the box from sketches and used white oak and walnut.

The bell stays inside the box and is attached to a lid, which is reversible. It stays either inside the box or can sit atop it.