Rescued and Restored helps addicts

WARREN — Pastor James Campbell, director of Rescued and Restored, and others work to help provide assistance where needed as part of their mission to rescue and restore individuals who are facing all kinds of addictions.

The Rescued and Restored organization met recently at the Hippodrome in Warren to hear stories of those who have been helped to overcome their addiction and others who are providing help.

Jennifer Campbell, director of development, said with the opioid epidemic becoming more and more of a problem with a growing number of overdoses each week ”our goal is to help those people and get them into treatment and make a transition in their lives.”

James Campbell began the faith-based initiative to help those facing addiction, and work with people of all ages and socieconomic backgrounds.

The organization holds a dinner every other month to share information and hear from those who have been helped.

The recent event included guest speakers Warren Mayor Doug Franklin and state Rep. Glenn Holmes, D-McDonald.

”We want to help people find the assistance they need and where to go to receive that help,” said Jennifer Campbell.

Students at the Trumbull Career and Technical Center have made a video that shares stories of what the ministry has done to assist and change people’s lives.

Lori Giesy of Bazetta and with Pleasant Valley Church in Liberty said the faith-based programs she volunteers with has helped battle the drug epidemic in the county.

In 2014, Giesy said she had ”an awakening” in her life and was delivered from drug addiction and now helps others.

”We are in a spiritual battle and need armor to fight the battles. The weapons we use are not weapons of the world but weapons of the word of God,” Giesy said.

She also helps people with their sobriety each week at the Sahara Club in Warren as a volunteer.

Call 330-759-4570 or facebook Rescued and Restored for information.

Coming events include gas ticket giveaway 5 p.m. Dec. 23 at Saratoga Restaurant in Warren; Calendar Tea and Fashion Show 6 p.m. Jan. 18 at the Union Bank Building; dinner party 6 pm. Jan. 25 at Hippodrome; Ark Experience and Creation Museum trip Jan. 26 to 28, and Camp Fitch winter retreat weekend Feb. 2 to 4.