Lawn mower event aids robotics team

GIRARD — Members of the Girard FIRST Robotics team spent four hours cleaning lawn mowers as part of a major fundraiser for the team, which will kick off a new season in January.

Teacher Ashraf Hadi, an adviser for the robotics team, said 70 lawnmowers were serviced, the most in the history of the event that has been held for several years.

Hadi picked up more than 25 of the lawnmowers Friday, while others were dropped off by customers Saturday at the school. “This is the most we have ever had,” Hadi said.

In past years, the team has raised more than $1,500, while this year’s event is expected to raise more than $3,000.

Hadi said they usually get the same customers each year.”We have faithful customers we call each year who bring the lawnmowers in,” he said.

Hadi said students were assigned different tasks, including sharpening blades, balancing the wheels, checking and filling oil, cleaning, adding fuel stablilizers and pressure washing.

Full service cost $40 per mower, while those who had their mowers delivered were charged $45.

Jared Kaiser, sophomore team member, spent most of his time outside where he pressured washed each mower and then placed them in a line on the sidewalk for pickup.

Riley Drennen, a sophomore team member, said his job was to check and test the mower engines and also to help load mowers into the customers’ vehicles.

Proceeds will benefit the Girard Robotics team, and the Intermediate School and Jr. High LEGO League teams.