Explore rural Trumbull County

Summer is rapidly drawing to an end. Fall will be close behind. During these fall months of September and October, we can enjoy a nice time of the year, depending a bit on what kind of weather we are dealt.

During these cooler and less humid days, it is a great time to get out and enjoy rural Trumbull County. You don’t need a lot of money to travel some of the roads in the rural areas and enjoy the scenery.

Among the many things you will see are tall fields of corn drying down and getting ready for harvest. These fields were planted in the spring with the hope, faith and expectation that they will be able to grow and mature into a crop ready for harvest.

This past spring, there was a discouraging time for corn growers in this area. It was one day after another of rain. It was frustrating to watch the rains with the corn planter in the shop ready to go but not able to plant.

Eventually the rains tapered off and our farmers went to work. With today’s planters and tractors, a lot of acres can be planted in a short time. When you look at the fields this fall that are getting ready to be harvested, you realize that the faith, hope and hard work of those during the planting season paid off. Some rain is needed, however, to help mature the crops.

Harvesting those fields of corn you see will be done with a combine. That is really a marvelous machine that has saved thousands of hours of hard work. Harvesting corn by hand was slow and tiring. The combine was one of the best machines ever invented to save human labor.

With a corn head on, it pulls the corn in and husks the ears and chops the stalks. The corn is shelled and goes into a grain tank and the cobs and chopped stalks go out the back on the ground.

While you are traveling our rural roads, you also will see green fields of soybeans turning brown and getting ready for the combine. The same machine will harvest both corn and soybeans with a change in the combine head and some adjustments in the machine. Soybeans are usually harvested before corn.

If you are lucky when on your trips, you might see a combine working in a field. It is an interesting sight to watch the machine going up and down the fields. In some cases, you might see a truck or tractor with a grain cart behind pulling beside the combine. Then the operator swings a chute over and unloads grain while the truck or tractor travels beside at the same speed. The combine never stops, but unloads while moving along.

Fall also has other opportunities to enjoy in the area. Several churches have dinners and bazaars to enjoy. Other organizations also sponsor flea markets and craft sales where you might find something you can’t live without.

The Ashtabula County Antique Engine Club also has a fall show that is a good one to see. They have a lot for you to see at their grounds in Wayne Township in southern Ashtabula County.

We do have many sights and scenes for you to enjoy during these fall months. Don’t be in a hurry and take plenty of time to get out and enjoy them. Look at the results of the farmers’ hard work. And it doesn’t cost you much.

Parker is retired from The Ohio State University and an independent agricultural writer for the Farm Bureau.