Girard offers archery club

GIRARD — Students at Girard High School are learning the skill of archery as part of both an after-school program and during their physical education classes.

Teachers Edward Minor, science, and Kara Burnett, physical education, were among those who received training last school year from officials with Ohio Department of Natural Resources on proper use of bow and arrows and instructing others on their use.

Veronica Vanoverbeke, 17, a senior, said, “It is really cool to have something different like archery in the regular gym class. In the club we shoot longer than we do in gym class.”

Luke Miller, 16, a junior, said “I like that it is something different to do. It’s fun.”

Vanoverbeke and Miller said the club and class teach the 11 steps to archery success, including proper form.

“The hardest part is learning all of that,” Vanoverbeke said.

Miller said the club was optional and meets Mondays and Tuesdays after school. The two said they were excited when they learned archery would also be offered in gym class.

Burnett said that for physical education classes for older students, she offers different activities each nine weeks.

High School Principal William Ryser said the school district appreciated the Vienna Fish and Game Club and Trumbull County Sportsman Federation for putting the school in contact with Ohio Department of Natural Resources to receive both the training and the funding to be able to offer the archery program.

“This opens up opportunities for students. It’s an innovative program that students would not otherwise be exposed to,” Ryser said.

Minor, club adviser, said there are 60 students in ninth to 12th grades in the club, with 30 who attend regularly.

He said other school districts, including Maplewood and Brookfield, have also offered archery. Minor said a club goal is to compete against other schools.