Students relax with yoga

CHAMPION — Champion Central Elementary School students are learning to relax more with a new six-session yoga program.

School Principal Alexandra Nannicola said the yoga program for children in  kindergarten through fourth was offered six times under the instruction of  Brenda Henderson of B-Inspired Yoga of Champion.

More than 40 children signed up to learn relaxation techniques.

Andrew List, 9, a third-grader, said he decided to take part to deal with stress he sometimes has at school.

”I wanted to learn how to relax after a busy day at school. I felt I needed some stress release,” List said.

He said the lying on his back and learning to move arms and legs helped him to calm down and relax.

Emma Hagman, 8, also a third-grader, said she tries to do yoga at her home to relax and liked the tree pose that helped her the most in calming down.

Nannicola said she herself does yoga and offered it to the teachers last year and wanted to do it this year for the students.

She said she contacted Henderson about a program for children and she agreed to teach six sessions for free.

Henderson said it was different having younger children as most of her yoga classes are teens and adults.

“I remembered when I say ‘hands on the mat,’ they don’t have mats, so I had to change the program when I told the children to put their feet on the floor,” she said.

Henderson said the students were very quick learners and benefited from relaxing.

She said she showed them basic and simple yoga techniques and exercises they can do at home.