Scout builds ramp for Oddfellows

WARREN — Members of Boy Scout Troop 15 have been meeting at the Oddfellows Lodge building in Warren and wanted to do something to help make the building more accessible to those who meet there.

Jacob Stringham, 17, of Howland, with Boy Scout Troop 15 decided for his Eagle Scout project he would create a wheelchair-accessible ramp at the side entrance of the building and also fix the back porch, allowing for better access to the building.

Stringham, a junior at Howland High School and Trumbull Career and Technical Center, said since the scouts have been using the building since October, he felt it would be a good idea to make improvements.

”I thought it would be a good idea to help people get in and out of the building. The back porch was falling off the building and was a safety hazard and needed reconstructed,” he said.

Stringham, 17, son of Robert and Lee Stringham, said Steve Namola, the troop’s scoutmaster, told him many elderly people use the building for sewing and knitting events and have had trouble getting up the steps.

”The scouts meet here every week, so we saw the need,” he said, noting the project took about five weeks to complete.

Stringham said everyone agreed it was a needed project since the building was constructed in 1844. He said the most challenging part was getting donations to make the project a reality.