Letter of Faith

Goal is to do God’s will


Fear is real, but God is bigger and His love stronger. There is nothing in world more beautiful or wonderful than God himself, who invites us into relationship with Him through Jesus. When afraid, it was not the departure of fear but the knowledge of God that has brought joy, peace and contentment to you. It is when we doubt God’s love that fears grow and take root.

Believers around the world today must take great risks in order to worship together, to share the gospel, or even read the Bible. Let us support our brothers and sisters in Christ in our prayers and may their testimonies inspire us to live boldly for God. We are reminded first and foremost to serve our heavenly King. His commands guide our actions and give us courage to stand up for our beliefs. Ask God to give you a heart open and obedient to His leading no matter what. Be a Mordecai or Esther!

Our goal must be to do God’s will, not just be useful in winning the lost. Jesus knew the culmination of His work ended in going to Jerusalem. Preparation is not suddenly accomplished. It is a process that must steadily be maintained. Life is dangerous to become settled and complacent, life requires more preparation. The “go” preparation is to allow the Word of God to examine you. “I too go ‘up to Jerusalem.'” Will you go too?

Abide! The abiding work is of the heart, not the brain or muscles. Like the vine and branches we need close relationship with God daily, not just occasionally, so God’s word can flow in keeping us all healthy.

D.L. Moody stated: “If the whole church of God could live as the Lord would have them live, why Christianity would be the mightiest power this world has seen. It is low standard of Christian life that is causing so much trouble. There are great many stunted Christians in church; their lives are stunted; they are like a tree planted in poor soil — the soil is hard and stony, and the roots cannot find rich loamy soil needed. Such believers have not grown in sweet graces.” See 1 Peter 2:5.

No amount of enthusiasm will ever stand up to the strain that Jesus will put on His servant. Only one thing will bear the strain, a personal relationship with Jesus. God is faithful, even when we don’t know His timetable. He is all-powerful and all-knowing God and He has the final victory.