WWR committee to join festival

WARREN – The committee of Warren Western Reserve High School graduates working to raise funds to have a special school memorial and statue of an American Indian brave placed at the Harding High School property near the facade will be taking part at the Italian-American Festival being held today through Sunday.

James Guy Jr., a committee member and WWR 1990 graduate, said there will be a tent set up by the committee to explain the project to the public. He said there will be a WWR Marching Band Nights DVD (1980 to 1989) available as well as WWR items, memorabilia and paraphernalia and shirts.

Mark Clawges, a committee member and Class of 1968 graduate, said graduates of the school will be there explaining the project, telling of the timeline and history of the school and holding a raffle.

”We have different articles and pictures to show people,” he said.

The committee has been doing fundraising for three years.

Clawes said have been raising funds to get a memorial statue placed by the Harding High School facade as a tribute to the Warren city school.

The committee of WWR alumni is planning various fundraising events to help raise money for the memorial which is currently in the design stage.

“Our goal is to build a lasting memorial statue to the students and faculty of Warren Western Reserve,” he said.

What is being proposed is a statue of a bronze Americna Indian brave with one feather placed in the center of a gold-colored brick area representing the outline of the school surrounded by a darker brick base area with 1967 and 1990. The two years are being included which were the years of the first and last graduating classes from the school when it was a high school.

The school opened in September 1966 and closed as a high school in 1990, later being used as an elementary and junior high school.

Clawges said people will be able to purchase bricks for the memorial including special bricks for 1967 and 1990 graduates whose names will appear within the numbers of the years on the display. There will areas for athletic and academic tribute bricks.

Those who graduated in 1967 and 1990 will have the opportunity for special bricks and placement in the display.

The statue will be holding a spear close to its body will face west on a pedestal between 14 and 20 feet high on the 127 feet long base.

Clwages said the committee said Harding and other local schools have their memorials and WWR graduates felt students and teachers deserve something also.

He said they are also looking for the WWR building plaque that was located near the school auditorium and a second plaque that explained about the WWR building and naming those who built it and history of the school.

The committee includes different graduating classes and age groups. Meetings are held on Thursdays.

For information, call Clawges at 330-393-7999 or Johnson at 724-947-3014 or email WesternReserveRaiders@gmail.com.