Tour highlights gardens in two counties

NEWTON FALLS – Despite some rain, it was a day for sharing gardens recently, as local residents took part in a garden tour to homes in Trumbull and Mahoning counties.

Susan Holub of Newton Falls, an art teacher who has taught in Poland Schools, said the garden tour had participants traveling to different homes where the hostess showed them around.

“It was a day about everyone sharing their garden. We share ideas and show what we have done in our garden,” she said.

In addition to Holub’s garden, also featured on the tour were stops at the homes of Gretchen Whitacre in Warren, Judy Hochadel in Champion and Kathy Bodnar in Cuyahoga Falls.

Holub, who coordinated the garden tour, said the group sponsors a free plant exchange event each spring in Newton Falls for the past 10 years. She said this past spring there were 783 plants exchanged.

Holub said she was given a National Wildlife Award for her habitat garden including native plants such as milkweed, which attracts monarch butterflies. Holub said she started her garden 25 years ago.

Kathy Bodnar of Cuyahoga Falls said, “I love this. You can share your ideas of what you love and have done in your garden and see what others have done.”

Bodnar said what she noticed is how each garden in some way is unique.

Holub said she likes native plants for her garden. Bodnar said she likes native plants also and includes daylilies. Her entire yard is a garden at her home.

“The artist in Holub shows in her garden,” Bodnar said.

“I get ideas from seeing other gardens. I am just getting into gardening. I like the native plants to attract the wildlife,” said Karen Pack of Champion.

Pack and Judy Hochadel said they get ideas from seeing styles and arrangements of other gardens.

Bodnar said she lives in a neighborhood where there are very few gardens with many yards looking likes deserts compared to her rainforest.

“There are some neighborhoods where everyone gardens and others where no one gardens,” she said.

All those on the tour commented about gardens that attract wildlife, such as birds and butterflies.