Summer camp offered at YMCA


Tribune Chronicle

WARREN – With summer vacation from school lasting about another two months, local children are finding various fun activities at the YMCA of Warren’s Summer Kids Club.

Paulette Edington, program coordinator, said what is new for the program which runs through Aug. 29 is the rubber band gym, or jump-stretch activities, which are offered three days a week for the children.

“We had 77 children enrolled this summer,” she said.

The program, which is marking its fifth year, focuses in health and wellness, with the rubber band gym one addition to enhance that theme. There are also crafts, swimming, racquetball, youth cycling and bocce at the Courthouse Square Park.

In August, the children will travel to Camp Fitch, Edington said. The children also attend programs offered at Noon in the Park and the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library.

“While registration is full for the summer, classes will be offered in the fall for local children,” Edington said noting the YMCA provides a place for the children to attend.

“We will be doing program with members of Warren SCOPE. The multigernational effort will involve technology where are older children will help the seniors with cell phones and tablets,” Edington said.

Edington said just as the children will help the seniors the seniors in turn will help the children with cooking activities in the SCOPE kitchen.

“Everyone will be sharing their knowledge,” she said.

Edington said the program originally started with just the children of YMCA members and then opened to the public. A Summer Kids Club 2 started in the evening from 4 to 8:15 p.m. for children who live in the Trumbull Homes, with already 37 children taking part, she said.

Helping at the event is Jawan Dorsey, a high school senior, who said he was part of the program when he was younger.

“It is fun to see the children come back each year and grow with the program. I’ve been thinking I was in their shoes at one time,” he said.

Ka’Niya Cayson-Hill, 7, said she likes to meet new friends and to have someone to to play. She said she has learned to play kickball and catch.

Tyler Rupe, 10, said he likes the camp because of the different things everyone gets to do.

“We are in the gym,watching movies, playing computers and games, and have a place to be for the summer,” he said.

His brother, Dylan Rupe, 8, said he likes to play in the gym, use the computers and learn new games.