Children contribute to garden

WARREN – Each Saturday morning, local children are helping to pull weeds, plant flowers and decorate the new Giving Tree Garden.

The effort by the children as well as local adult residents is in conjunction with Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership and Gregg’s Gardens, which is placing gardens at the vacant property sites where former homes that were torn down once stood.

Mikenna McClurg, a parent and garden event coordinator, said the Giving Tree Garden, corner of Vine Avenue and Scott Street, has children learning lessons on gardening.

Volunteers work at 10 a.m. each Saturday helping to change the property from grass and rocks to a garden with various plants, decorations and a walkway. She said two homes that were on the property were demolished in 2013

“The children made a roof for the garden’s trellis using tin can lids from containers,” McClurg said.

McClurg said later this summer The Lime Tree is planning to hold art classes for children at the garden

Polly Batchelder, a local Girl Scout, is doing work at the garden for her Silver Award project helping local youth with decorating the area.

The effort to create the garden began in April.