Bureau hosts ‘Farm to Spoon’ program

CORTLAND – Wanting to add a little more to the annual summer ice cream social, members of the Trumbull Farm Bureau held an educational “Farm to Spoon” program educating people on how the ice cream and other dairy products they eat get to their home.

Mary Smallsreed of the farm bureau said June is Dairy Month and the event promotes dairy products.

“We wanted to make this event a little more educational to give people an idea of how the ice cream gets from the farm to their home,” she said.

Farmers Gary Smallsreed of Braceville, Davis Denman of Johnston and Joe Turon of Farmington each spoke of the process they are involved with from the nutrition animals receive, the robotic milking systems, and the food they provide to animals.

In addition, the public could also make their own butter.

“We want to continue the farm learning series and have farmers available to answer questions from the public. This is our way for the public to be more connected to the local farmers and to be more informed,” Mary Smallsreed said.

Gary Smallsreed said it is important to keep animals healthy with proper nutrition to produce milk, reproduce and grow to be healthy for beef.

He said those factors include good nutrition, good housing and clean water.

Shirley Walters of the bureau said members will be at the agriculture building at the Trumbull County Fair also with educational displays and speakers.

Turon said he discussed animal nutrition to give people an idea of what food it feeds to cattle.

“Cows need to be healthy and be fed nutritious food to make milk,” he said.

Davis said robots are used today to help with the modernized milking of cows.

Gary Smallsreed said the presentation was a good way for people to gain some insight into modern dairy farming.

“We have taken a new step with the Trumbull Farm Bureau offering a learning series we started in the spring. People gain insight into modern dairy process,” he said.