Scout instructs students in archery

BAZETTA – A Lakeview High School senior has earned her Gold Award in scouting by doing something she loves, teaching others about archery, which she has enjoyed since she was a child.

Bazetta resident Elizabeth Pospisil, 18, who also attends the Trumbull Career and Technical Center and is a member of Girl Scout Troop 80870, has been holding archery classes for children identified with autism.

The 80-hour project, ”Right on Target Autism Archery Shoot,” was done in conjunction with Autism Awareness Month in April.

She and her father, Albert Pospisil Jr., have been putting on practices and and tournaments for 13 middle school students at the Cortland Conservation Club.

“My cousins are autistic. I have been shooting archery since I was in eighth grade, so I put the two together for the Gold Award,” she said.

The final tournament included a picnic and awards ceremony.

Pospisil said the activity included a focus on discipline, goal setting, safety, self-control and following directions.

”Everyone learned how to shoot bows and arrows and the safety rules. I wanted them to learn the skill of this sport,” she said.

Pospisil said many schools are looking at getting archery in their schools incorporating it into gym classes and making it an after-school activity.

Ashley Porter, 11, said she likes getting bull’s-eyes and learning how to stand up straight to best shoot the arrow.

Damyen Fuchilla, 9, also liked getting bull’s-eyes and learned how to improve on his shooting,

Richard Robison, 15, said he liked taking the class. “We learned the proper way to hold the bows and arrows when shooting.”

Pospisil said for the class, each student had his or her own adult buddy.

“It wasn’t just me watching over the kids. There was seven adults who helped watch and assist with evaluations and worksheets,” she said.

Pospisil plans are to attend Ohio State University to study biomedical science.