No-till drill and seeder rental program

Farmers and landowners all over Trumbull County can participate in renting a no-till drill and seeder unit from Bortnick Tractor at their Cortland Store.

Thanks to the efforts of Ed Agler, president of the local Food and Agriculture Committee and the Trumbull Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors, an arrangement has been formed with Dana Harju of Bortnick Tractor. This is a first of its type of partnership in Ohio to support farmers.

Farmers can now rent a brand-new Great Plains 7-foot end wheel no-till compact drill from Bortnick Tractor at $15 an acre.

To support farmers located in Trumbull County, the Trumbull SWCD will rebate up to 50 percent of the rental cost for up to the first 30 acres.

Contact Dana at Bortnick Tractor at 330-924-2555 to reserve the unit.

The Great Plains drill features high-clearance end wheels designed to go anywhere your tractor can pull it without gouging or bottoming out. In addition, the inline end wheels minimize side loading on contours and hills. The 706NT model comes standard with a 17-bushel main seed box and a six-position hitch.

The rental unit was on display at the Cover Crop Field Day earlier this month at the Green and Golden Farm in Newton Township.

This equipment rental rebate program helps to support the agricultural mission of the Trumbull SWCD as well as Ohio’s 4-R nutrient management program.

The 4-R program promotes fertilizer basics with soil testing for the right type and right rate along with the right time of year and taking into account the weather and the Right Place to avoid streams, ditches, and waterways. Trumbull County participated in a seven-county Lake Erie Central Basin work group which received an educational grant from the Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission.

For more details or questions about the rental unit, contact Dana Harju at 330-924-2555.

Wilson is the executive director of the Trumbull Soil and Water Conservation District and is an associate member of the Trumbull County Farm Bureau.