Good Neighbors

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank many of the staff members who work at Howland High School for their time, effort, and concern for my son who attends their school.

A heartfelt thank you goes to guidance counselor Mr. Mosora for his wonderful guidance support and numerous phone conversations. I also want to give a special thanks to Mr. Libert, Mrs. Libert, Miss Camelli, and Mr. Jeff D’Altorio for their home instruction and emotional support to my son.

We couldn’t have made through it through the year without their assistance. My son is a senior this year and has gone through some very difficult medical challenges, and he could not always attend daily. Even though his medical condition was and is not life-threatening, it has been life-altering for his senior year. If it wasn’t for the wonderful staff that has continually supported my son and me at times, through this challenging ordeal, he may have not graduated or received the academics needed for his future.

The staff at Howland High School, especially the educators previously mentioned have went above and beyond to make sure that my son’s future was not detoured. There are truly no words that can explain how appreciative I am to have my son attend Howland High School and how fortunate he was to have such wonderful educators in his journey through high school.

Tom and Veronica Thorpe