Speaker inspires at Literacy Night

MCDONALD – “Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?” was one of several messages a motivational speaker shared with students and their parents at the Literacy Family Night held at Roosevelt Elementary School in McDonald.

Brian Blasko, a speaker and author, spoke on “Loving Literacy … Literally” as he encouraged children to enjoy reading and change the attitudes of those who do not like to read.

“You can set the pace and read,” he said.

Blasko said there are some people no matter what you do that you can’t change unless they truly want to be changed.

“There are many people in the world we help motivate though,” Blasko said.

Blasko said everyone has had a bad day because of work or school.

“When you come home after a bad day, your parents or grandparents will give you a hug or your dog or cat will run to you and jump in your arms,” he said noting that these people have helped motivate and encourage you.

Blasko has been entertaining and inspiring audiences as a professional speaker for more than 15 years focusing on helping others discover and maximize their own personal potential. He has written two books, “Cruisin’ through Life at 35 MPH” and “Sending Signals.”

For one activity, students had to match part of the title of a book with the rest of the title.

The students got into groups to create their own story starting with the same first sentence and each student adding a sentence.

Blasko said during the group activity, students were helping one another finish their sentences.

Principal David Vecchione said the event was to make students and parents more aware of the importance of reading and encouraging others to read.

Blasko said it is important for students to energize themselves.

“Everyone has the opportunity to energize someone and help them,” he said.

“I want to get students excited about reading and writing. What can we do to make reading more fun? We need to think positively,” Blasko said.

He said the more someone helps others, the more good they will feel inside.

“Energize yourself and build your self-esteem,” he said.