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PHI KAPPA HONORS: The following local residents recently were initiated into The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, the nation’s oldest and most selective collegiate honor society for all academic disciplines.

Initiated at Duquesne University

Patrick Walsh of Burghill

Raymond Johnson of Warren

Initiated at Youngstown State University

Carey Denman of Cortland

John Wilson of Cortland

James Billock of Cortland

Patrick Hyden of Girard

Katrhyn Hyden of Girard

Jessica Buckner-Merwin of Girard

Alyssa Sansone of Hubbard

Stacy Leigh Deraway of Kinsman

Kayla Smith of McDonald

Kelsey Ault of Mineral Ridge

Katie Keene of Niles

Jared Sliwinski of Niles

Annette Burden of Niles

Samantha Burton of North Jackson

Christine Toporcer of North Jackson

Hilary Minton of Warren

Lyndi Schrecengost of Warren

Camille Cvengros of Warren

Denise Barber of Warren

Jessica Kimmet of Youngstown

Diane Barnes of Youngstown

Rachel Upham of Youngstown

Dustin Hall of Youngstown

Delores Womack of Youngstown

Ahmed Alghamdi of Youngstown

Maureen Vendemia of Youngstown

Rosalyn Donaldson of Youngstown

Shari McKinney of Youngstown

Jennifer Moore of Youngstown

Brian Corbin of Youngstown

Christina Saelzer of Youngstown

Andrew Altenos of Youngstown

Josene Jennings of Austintown

Molly Hartsough of Austintown

Stephanie O’Leary of Youngstown

Vaishnavi Balendiran of Youngstown

Helen Shukaitis of Austintown

Melanie Arnold of Youngstown

Joanie Cleckner of Youngstown

Jaimie DeMaiolo of Youngstown

Katina Hetrick of Austintown

Danielle Wayland of Youngstown

Cryshanna Jackson Leftwich of Youngstown

Dawna Cerney of Youngstown