Group helps repair roof for family

CHAMPION – A local contractor, friends and relatives of a Champion family stepped up, way up, as they installed a new roof on the family’s home.

Matt McElhinny, who has been battling cancer, had started repairing the roof when he became unable to finish the work.

Six workers with David Wiltrout Roofing and three family and friends of the McElhinnys’ spent four hours putting on a new roof at the Stewart Avenue home.

Kim and David Mundell said they have been close friends of Matt and Randi McElhinny.

“The roof needed fixed since it has not been completed since Matt started it,” Kim Mundell said.

“Matt always is willing to help people out when they need it. We ask him often to help us out and he always has,” she said.

Matt McElhinny had purchased all the supplies for the roof last year, but this three-year battle with cancer and chemotherapy treatments left him unable to finish what he had started.

Kim Mundell said David Wiltrout Roofing volunteered their services for the project. In addition, Banner Supply also donated materials and items to the project after they learned about the special services. Pizza Joe’s in Cortland donated pizzas.

“We can’t express how appreciative we are for this. It means a lot to us. We are grateful to everyone who took the time to help,” Randi McElhinny said.