Speaker shares message of trust

HOWLAND – A motivational speaker who for more than 20 years reached out to help provide youth with hope and confidence shared his message with area teachers.

David Kohout of ”Talk Is Cheap, The Message Isn’t,” a nonprofit organization with a specific purpose of building character, establishing confidence and providing hope in the lives of young people, was the keynote speaker at the recent Trumbull Area Reading Council meeting held at Howland High School.

Kohout noted that young people are the future and that there is a need to build strong kids rather than rebuild men and women. He said trust, love, respect, understanding and forgiveness are five key elements when dealing with young people.

”That is what teachers should provide to their students,” he said. ”I tell kids that there is a purpose for their life.”

Kohout said when he was a student, he had a grade-point average of 1.6 because he didn’t care.

”I didn’t come here with all the answers of what you as teachers face with students. You are in education to help make a difference. I believe by working together we can get more accomplished and help you understand your students,” he said.

Kohout said when he speaks, he hopes that each audience member will leave having a desire to achieve their full potential, realize their worth and be better prepared for their future.

”I focus on helping them to transform their lives,” he said, noting that there are not bad kids but instead kids who make bad decisions.

Kohout is ordained and can go into emergency rooms at hospitals and to jail to see students

Among those at the recent event was Collin Cameron, a junior at Mineral Ridge High School, who is job shadowing Kohout for his English class.

Cameron said he is interested in motivational speaking and wanted to see how Kohout interacts with audiences

”I like the atmosphere he creates with his speaking,” he said.

Next TARC ministry is 6 p.m. May 8 at Sunrise Inn in Warren with guest speaker Deborah Miller of Boardman, who is a children’s book author.