Saturday program sessions offer creative activities

CHAMPION -Whether it’s learning a foreign language, studying forensic science materials or practicing tae kwon do, students in grades second to sixth are getting the opportunity to enrich their minds as part of the Saturday Enrichment program.

The six-week winter session through March 29 is made possible by the Trumbull County Educational Service Center and held at Trumbull Career and Technical Center, a new location for the program.

Dr. William Young, supervisor, said “the vision of this program is to provide students with exciting enrichment courses to enhance their learning.”

Students participate in a wide range of activities including crafts, science, Spanish, tae kwon do, American sign language, drawing and watercolor, engineering and forensics.

Young said two sessions are held each year – six weeks in the fall and six weeks in the winter.

“We offer the courses based on student and parent request, from a survey. This tells us what classes children enjoy. There is a variety of classes to choose from,” Young said.

Mary Wensel, instructor for engineering, said students were studying flight and taking different paper materials to construct airplanes to see which would fly the furthest.

Jason Libert, a fourth-grader in Niles, said he learned a lot of different ways to use different materials to construct a paper airplane. He said the ones with the copy paper and drawing paper were the most sturdy and flew the best.

Seth Arkwright, a sixth-grader at Mathews, said he learned there is a lot of trial and error in making different designed airplanes.

“You really have to try something new if it isn’t working and just hope for the best,” he said.

Caleb Carlson, a fifth-grader at Lakeview, said he believes making paper airplanes brings out a lot of creativity while also providing for learning about flight.

”We have a better understanding about flight,” he said.

Art instructor Lauren Gintert said the students made watercolor books using different art methods such as adding shaving cream or salt and creating different results.

Jillian McEvoy, a fourth-grader from Mathews, said she loves art, especially the opportunity to paint.

“I like how I have learned new art methods. I learned salt with paint makes it more bubbly,” said Chelsea Moorhead, a fourth-grader from Howland.

Carter Kuchta, a fourth-grader at MKS of Youngstown, said he likes using the shaving cream on watercolor projects because it creates a different look

”We learned different ways to make our work look better,” he said.

In the forensics class, students instructed by TCTC public safety students learned about fingerprinting and writing analysis.