Community leaders deliver meals

WARREN – Those receiving meals from Trumbull Mobile Meals this week received surprise guests as local officials and community leaders helped with deliveries during the annual March for Meals Community Champions Week national campaign.

Sandee Mathews, director of TMM, said this is the seventh year for the mayors and community leaders to take part. It also included business leaders and others from the community.

She said the event seeks to raise awareness of senior citizen hunger.

On Wednesday, mayors and officials from all over Trumbull County helped deliver meals in their home communities for Trumbull Mobile Meals.

“It’s a wonderful service that provides meals to people who are shut-ins. The people we deliver the meals to are so appreciative,” Liberty Trustee Jodi Stoyak said.

Hubbard Township police Chief Todd Coonce was marking his first year participating in the event and recalled how his father had received meals.

“I wanted to give back and help out any way I can,” Coonce said.

United Way CEO Ginny Pasha helped at the TMM offices packing the meals into carry bags.

“There are people in the community who are hungry, and Trumbull Mobile Meals makes sure they get food. There is also the socialization which is good with someone coming to their house every day to see them,” Pasha said.

Mayor Doug Franklin agreed the interaction with people who don’t get out of the house much is good.

Organizers say the meals and the interaction help keep local seniors out of nursing homes and help them stay in their own homes.

Trumbull Mobile Meal volunteers puts thousands of miles on the road each year to make deliveries to nearly 300 people. The food is cooked and packaged at TMM.

Mathews said there are more than 50 volunteers day who help package and deliver.