Woman shares music at center

LORDSTOWN – Wanting to add holiday cheer and music to the many activities held at the Lordstown Scope Center, local resident Dorothy Owens volunteers her time each week to play music on the center’s organ.

Dorothy Owens, 79, of Lordstown, does therapy music for the seniors at the center which she has done for the past seven years.

She said therapy music is ”soothing music for people to relax to while they eat lunch, do woodworking, a craft, or other activities.”

“Many of them tell me they want to hear music while they are here. Many have made requests for special songs,” Owens said.

Owens play church music, country western and classical music.

“I have always been interested in music and play banjo, guitar, and keyboard. I have three organs in my house,” she said.

Owens used to play Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the center and now spends Wednesday mornings at the center.

”It is very relaxing to me and something I’m glad to be able to do,” Owens said.

Owens will take her music on the road as she is scheduled to play music Dec. 18 at Shepherd of the Valley in Howland. She will be joined by Barbara Paxson.

Ed Chiles said when he does his woodcarving he is able to listen to the music.

”It adds to why I enjoy coming here,” he said.

Marge Haley, center director, said people really like the holiday themed music.

“For Veterans Day she did special music for the military. Christmas carols will be this month,” Haley said.

Haley said she is amazed at all the different instruments from banjo and guitar to keyboard and organ that Owens plays.

Gloria Murray said ”it is very relaxing and makes you feel good. I enjoy the gospel music.”

Alice Seiple echoed her sentiments noting she also likes the gospel music as well.

”It creates a very relaxing atmosphere hearing the music,” Seiple said.