Township donates bike rack

MECCA – Mecca Township recently dedicated a new parking rack in Mecca Center that will hold 14 bicycles.

Trustee Blake Peterson, who spearheaded the project, said, “Earlier this year, Michael Swiatkwich of the Mosquito Lake Greenway Project, was telling the Mecca trustees about the next step in developing the Mosquito Lake area as a bicycling destination by building a bicycle-friendly community.”

To create such a community, township trustees were told they could start with something as simple as a bike rack.

”I went out and talked to a few people who donated their time, materials and money to make one,” Peterson said.

The community businesses, individuals and organizations involved with the project were: Earl Weeks and Mo Shehadi of Earl’s Muffler, Frank Phillips of Mecca Cones and Coneys, Butch Weimer of Big B Concrete and the Cortland Moose Lodge 1012.

Swiatkwich said “We’re still in the process of planning our work regarding the development of the Mosquito Lake Communities as “bicycle friendly.”

He said trustees latched onto the one thing that would help right now.

Swiatkwich said a bike rack is a simple cost-effective piece of infrastructure that supports the goal of developing Mosquito Lake and its surrounding communities as a “bicycle-friendly destination.”

”In the years ahead, I can see Mecca Center being one of the more beautiful places to take a break while riding on the Mosquito Lake Greenway. It’s close to the trail and has businesses that could cater to the cyclists needs,” Swiatkwich said.

The Mosquito Lake Greenway Project plans on encircling the southern part of Mosquito Lake with a paved path for bicycling and walking. The trail on the western and eastern shores will be built on ODNR and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s right-of-ways. The northern and southern connectors would be 5-foot bike lanes built on both sides of state Routes 305 and 88.