Celebrating Christmas on the farm

‘Twas the night before Christmas,

And down on the farm,

The cows were in the barn all safe from harm.

They had been milked and fed,

And were now ready for bed.

While Christmas was an important day,

They still had to be fed their hay.

Regardless of the season,

They had to be milked, no exceptions or reason.

To be sure the cows had plenty to eat,

Was a part of the farmer’s beat.

And their bed had to be made ready,

So milk they could produce steady.

Good cow care and feed,

The dairy farmer knows is a need.

But if the farmer has no livestock he grows,

Life can be a bit easier on Christmas, he knows.

If the grain is harvested and the combine put away,

He might have a little more time to play.

Regardless of the kind of farm he owns,

The success of the operation is in his bones.

So as the farm family gathers together to eat and share,

We can be thankful that without them our cupboard would be bare.

They wish a very Merry Christmas to us and a blessed New Year.

And hope that we all have good cheer!

Yes, Christmas on the farm is a bit different than many of us have. Livestock must be cared for and have priority. Yet farm families find ways to share the work that day and then have more family time. They work together to get the jobs done.

As I have said many times, farm families are out there producing an abundance so that we can sit down to an enjoyable Christmas dinner. Without them, our cupboard would indeed be bare.

On behalf of area farmers, I also want to wish you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Parker is an independent agricultural writer.