Quilt helps raise awareness

CORTLAND – A special “Hopeful Hearts” charity quilt made by different people across the United States, including a Cortland resident, is helping to raise awareness of different charities.

The Hopeful Hearts quilt will be shown through Friday at the Trumbull County Agriculture Center, 520 W. Main St., Cortland, as part of its cross-country journey.

Local embroiderer Tracy Petrokovich, along with individuals from Arkansas, Maryland, North Carolina and other states, each made one square to raise awareness for various causes such as Alzheimer’s, domestic violence, bullying, Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, and the Special Olympics.

Petrokovich, owner of Hoops and Stitch Embroidery, said the “quilt for a cause” was featured in “Stitches Magazine” and has squares that meant something to the person who made them.

The quilt was made as a public service for Stitches magazine.

“The quilt includes squares made by different people for something that was dear to their heart. It will provide awareness for so many groups,” Petokovich said.

Twelve people donated a different square for the group each representing a different charity.

“I loved participating in this,” she said.

Petrokovich made her square for Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, which takes donations of deer, elk, and livestock from farms and hunters and processes the meat for food pantries.

She created a colorful scene for her square for the organization. It is located in the center of the quilt.

Members of the Soil and Water Conservation District who are in the agriculture center said the room where the quilt is displayed gets used frequently by the public.

Petrokovich said she and her husband donated caps, aprons and other items, including a bag embroidered with the FHFH logo on it to Farmers and Hunters.

The completed quilt travels to the hometown of each of the contributors.