Scouts take part in camporee

VERNON – Girl Scouts learned how to tie knots, defend themselves, shoot bows and fold the American flag recently, activities all led by superheroes, at the annual Scout camporee.

The three-day camporee held at Camp Sugarbush focused on superheroes, both those in fiction and in real life.

Carol Williams, a scout leader and co-chair of the event with Barbara Rosenblum, said there were different ”superheroes” conducting programs including Batwoman on the benefits of bats in nature, Elastic Girl on exercising and yoga, Spiderman on tying knots and ropes, Ninja Turtles on self-defense and local heroes on respecting the American flag.

”We have different superheroes and heroes here. Our girls are also heroes because of the work they do with Girl Scouting and the respect and honor they show the flag and our country,” Williams said.

During the weekend, scouts went to six different programs and then in the evening learned how to retire old flags.

”Despite the rain, this is the largest camporee we have had,” Williams said.

She said the goal of the camporee is to get the scouts out in nature and learn various skills.

Williams said the camp has been held for more than 15 years with a different theme each year. Past themes have included pirates and medieval times.

Laura Crawford of Fowler and with Troop 379 said she was excited to learn about how to properly retire the flag.

“It’s been fun to learn so many different things,” she said.

Lena Wallace of Vienna and with Troop 379 said she liked learning about knot tying.

”We learned so many fun things,” she said.

Rosenblum, who portrayed Batwoman, provided an educational program on the benefits of bats.

She said the girls were amazed that one bat eats 400 mosquitoes per hour.

”They see how different animals help the environment. Can you imagine how many mosquitoes there would be without bats?” Rosenblum said.

The scouts could also sample bananas, figs and mangos, which bats help to pollinate.