Earth Angel Farm hosts fundraiser

WARREN – Earth Angel Farm will be hosting the staff of Detroit Soup from 6 to 9 p.m. Oct. 5 at the Raymond J. Wean Foundation’s Western Reserve Community Room for an evening of public awareness and creative exchange.

Dr. Holly Maggiano of Earth Angel Farm said Detroit Soup is a community-based monthly dinner series founded in order to offer micro-grants for creative community-changing ideas. It was founded in 2010.

Maggiano said the event is to create a platform for individuals, groups or organizations to present projects which need some startup funding such as schools, churches, support groups, social groups or individuals.

She said Maggiano said four or five groups will present without the use of technology a short presentations with few minutes of questions from the audience.

Maggiano said the presentations are given at the beginning of the evening and then dinner is served and the voting takes place. The presentation with the most votes wins the micro-grant, which comes from the cost of the dinner for those who attend.

”Those who attend will have the opportunity to vote on who they feel should receive the grant,” she said.

A limited number of tickets will be available for $5 each and Warren area citizens are invited to participate.

Maggiano said two women who started the program in Detroit will attend to describe what the program is about.

Detroit Soup has witnessed Detroiters give back to Detroiters more than $25,000 to get their ideas to the next level.

The event allows community members to gather, interact, share not only a meal but who they are as people to help promote positive change.

”The hope is that by introducing the concept of Detroit Soup the Warren Area will benefit from this inspiration. Earth Angel Farm is excited about being able to offer this experience,” Maggiano said.

Maggiano said depending on how many attend will determine the amount of the grants which can be used for projects to help revitalize the city or why the project matters to the community.

”You don’t have to be a non-profit. You can be someone wanting to start a business,” Maggiano said.

Plans are to start program once a year.

Earth Angel Farm is a nonprofit organization which supports individuals with physical / developmental disabilities and those underserved in the community.

Applications are available at or call 330-856-5003.