Kids learn about cash at camp

WARREN – Cortland Banks and the Trumbull County YMCA joined forces to create the Strong Saver program that consists of six financial literacy events during the Y’s 12-week summer camp.

Paulette Edington, youth program director at the YMCA, said Cortland Banks has been offering financial literacy programs according to grade level for kindergarten to eighth grade, in addition to high school-aged students.

Danielle Cantrell, vice president / retail banking manager for Cortland Banks, said, “The children are learning the value of various currency and how making good choices with their money will help them.”

Edington said a YMCA board member recommended to interim director Rich Denamen about Cortland Banks being part of the youth programming this summer.

“We sat down with Cortland Banks marketing members and created a program for children outside of the bank. We feel it has gone very well and will see if it can grow. The children are participating and enjoy the class,” Edington said.

“The partnership between the Cortland Banks and the Trumbull County YMCA has resulted in our summer youth program having the availability of a quality financial literacy program for our youth. The program is age-appropriate and gives our youth valuable information they can use to be financially responsible now and into the future,” Denamen said.

Edington said the class has been so popular that some of the students’ parents have opened savings accounts for their children and their families to begin making deposits.

“Our students are engaging in conversations that I have not heard in the past. To hear our students talk about saving and bank accounts – and not making as many purchases from the snack machine – has been awesome to witness,” Edington said.

Cantrell, Michele Lee and Kristin Woods talk with the Trumbull County YMCA Kids Club campers about the importance of saving.

Cantrell said parents are encouraged to talk openly about money with their children and as their children get older, give them responsibility over how they spend their money.

This event is part of the ABA Education Foundation’s Teach Children to Save Program. Teach Children to Save is a national campaign of volunteer bankers who since 1997 have helped young people develop lifelong savings habits.