Event to showcase science, technology

WARREN – Members of Mind, Body and Soul and other local groups are working on a planned Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Fair for Aug. 16 at Warren Courthouse Square park.

Ken Pugh, a program coordinator for STEM, said the event will focus on encouraging children to go into science and technology fields and include various outdoor hands-on activities, displays and speakers.

“This is our inaugural year. We want this to be an interactive, family-friendly event. We will see how it goes,” he said.

Exhibitors will be presenting STEM activities to youth and families, with the main attraction to be a NASCAR style go-kart building and racing.

Pugh said that activity and others will promote teamwork, with students constructing go-karts ahead of time which they can ride in that day.

“Many have been out riding. They learn about force, acceleration and timing,” he said.

Pugh said many students can take part in other activities with a simple assignments

Members of the Champion, Chaney and Harding high school robotics team will be on hand to showcase and demonstrate the robots they constructed this past school year.

Pugh said another positive for such an event is showcasing what local youth have been able to accomplish.

“The city officials I have spoken to said they haven’t had an event like this in along time. They remember the children racing their small cars and go carts in Warren,” Pugh said.

Troy Woods with Mind, Body and Soul said other goals of hosting such an event are revitalization of downtown square by drawing people to the area, keep youth engaged and how to apply math and sciences,

“It’s Mind, Body and Soul’s desire to be able to grow this event yearly to other communities throughout the Mahoning Valley,” he said.

Pugh said once the community witnesses what the youth of the Mahoning Valley can do it will gain the support and backing of the area.

He said the STEM education in-class workshops provide students with hands-on applications of basic STEM principles. Students are assigned a STEM task and are awarded points based on their interpretation of the task and design functionality.

Other scheduled exhibitors include Exhibitors are Youngstown State University, Oh WOW! Museum, North-Mar Church, Genesis Christian Community Center, Lake County Speedway, and music artists and vendors.

For more information, call 330-369-2379.