Club collects antique boat motors

BAZETTA – Members of the Western Reserve Chapter Antique Outboard Motor Club have a hobby of collecting antique boat motors. Club President Gary Orloff said the club, established locally in 1999, is an interesting and different hobby.

“It’s a lot of fun. We get together and talk about restoring antique outboard boat motors ,” he said.

The club displayed many of the motors recently at Mosquito Lake State Park where a summer gathering was held. Some of the members actually used their motors on boats that day at the park while others were displayed for the public.

Orloff said the group meets once a month at different locations with members sharing ideas and information.

Orloff said just as car engines have gone through changes over the years, so have outboard boat motors.

”It’s a fun hobby and not too expensive. You can pick up an old motor for $50 or $60 and restore it,” he said.

The local chapter has 60 members and is part of the national club which has members from Great Britain and Norway.

“A lot of people get started in the hobby by word of mouth. It’s exclusively for boat motors but occasionally someone will bring some other type of motor to show,” Orloff said.

Orloff said boat motors have changed to some degree from two-cycle to four-cycle with most of the new motors being four cycle.

Jerry Kay of the club said the idea to have the event at the park was to let the public see what the club is all about and what the members collect.

He said a lot of the members go to different motor boat shows and also take them out to water locations.

“It’s good exposure to the public. We often get new members who have a motor boat at home,” Kay said.

Orloff said people will often bring their motors to events.

”People always ask us how much a motor is worth and we tell them it’s worth whatever someone is willing to pay,” he said.