Summit held for parents

WARREN – Fostering communication not only between parent and child but between parents was a key point made during a summit for parents of children with special needs.

Cheryl Smith, director of Collaboration Station, said the three-hour summit focused on better communicating and cooperation between dads and moms when dealing with their children.

Mary Olesh, an event facilitator, said the moms went together in one room to provide their views and input, and the dads and children went to another room to share their views. In addition, dads and children engaged in different activities including a fire safety program with the Warren Fire Department.

Charles Daniels of Community Solutions said the focus of the event was to improve communications with a child and the other parent or caregiver

“The concerns of the dads was the lack of communication sometimes between moms and themselves. The dads learned the importance of co-parenting,” Daniels said.

Olesh said after the separate discussions everyone was brought together to share their thoughts.

“Many of the dads said they can see how communication can improve after being part of the summit,” Daniels said.

Olesh said she goes over a family checklist with all parents on how to ask for help and let the mom and dad work together at taking care of the children.

“We bring everyone together to look at ways to close the communication gaps,” Olesh said.

She said the moms were encouraged to ask for help from dads with their children and to let dads do things for the child.

The event was sponsored by the Trumbull County Fatherhood Initiative, which focuses on providing events and resources to meet the needs of fathers to impact their children’s lives.