Warren man completes film

WARREN – Warren resident David Walker said hearing the gospel music group the Mighty Golden Wonders perform their song “Running” inspired him to write and produce a message film on domestic violence.

“When I heard that song, I thought I could adapt that into something since we are all running from something, so I asked them if they were interested in doing a movie based on the song,” Walker said.

His film, “Running,” will be shown at 3:15 p.m. Sunday at the Encore Cinema in the Great East Plaza in Niles.

Walker said the movie showcases how domestic violence effects an entire family and friends and not just the people involved.

He said the actors, actresses and crew are local residents and also include members of the Mighty Golden Wonders, who not only sing the theme song but also have speaking parts.

“The entire movie was shot locally in Youngs-town, Niles, Newton Falls and and Campbell,” he said.

Walker said this is his first film.

Sam Smith of the seven-member Mighty Golden Wonders said the group was honored to have their song as the movie’s theme.

“We all have parts in the film,” Smith said, noting his character is trying to help the female lead who turns up missing.

The movie took a year and a half to film and includes 25 actors including the main character played by Brian Brown.

Walker said the film centers around Brown’s character, whose violent relationship with his girlfriend takes a turn when she turns up missing. Her family, friends and counselor are trying to figure out what happened.

Walker said his message is anyone in a violent relationship has to get out.

“Nine times out of 10, it will not get better. Once someone crosses the line, they hardly ever go back. I hope after watching this, people in a bad situation will see the signs and realize they have to leave,” Walker said.

Walker, a 1989 graduate of Warren Western Reserve High School, said he wanted to help domestic violence victims and will be giving a portion of the proceeds from the movie’s premiere to Someplace Safe, a domestic violence shelter.

“I’m proud that we have local actors, a local musical group and local crew all involved with making this movie,” he said.