SWCD stocks up for annual sale

As we spring ahead with our clocks, we can begin to appreciate nature more and its growing season. It’s also time to consider purchasing a tree, shrub, flower bulb and even live fish from the Trumbull Soil and Water Conservation District’s annual spring sale.

Many farmers and land owners as well as developers and commercial contractors get their trees and shrubs in order to create wind breaks, woodland areas, wildlife habitats and to even help with groundwater and flooding issues. They purchase fish to stock and clean their ponds and purchase flower bulbs to beautify their landscapes.

All sales must be pre-ordered and reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. The Trumbull SWCD places its orders from nurseries and fish hatcheries to keep the cost down.

Deadline for orders of the live fish fingerlings is March 29. Fish available this spring include koi, bass, bluegill, channel catfish, yellow perch, shell crackers, white amur and minnows.

Orders for trees and shrubs will be accepted until April 5. Bulbs must be ordered by March 22 due to its longer delivery time. The SWCD Tree, Shrub and Bulb Sale pickup will occur in early April at the Flower Barn at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds.

Volunteers and staff of the SWCD help to put together the orders from the wholesale lots that are pre-ordered to provide the consumer with the exact amount ordered. Anyone interested in volunteering to help pack trees, please call Amy at the SWCD office at 330-637-2046, Ext. 111.

Specific descriptions of the various tree and shrub species are included with the order form. You may also call the SWCD to get the description and an order forms sent to you.

Species include American hazelnut, blackhaw, blueberries, elderberry, Kentucky coffee and persimmon.

Evergreen species include American arborvitae, Austrian pine, Eastern red cedar, Eastern white pine, Frazer fir and Norway spruce.

Deciduous species include bald cypruss, black cherry, Eastern cottonwood, Norway poplar, red maple, red mulberry, red oak, quaking aspen, sugar maple, shagbark hickory and swamp white oak.

Shrubs include American hazelnut, American scarlet elderberry, burning bush, Eastern redbud and red splendor crabapple.

To place an order, please fill out the order form from the SWCD website, www.swcd.co.trumbull.oh.us, or the SWCD newsletter and return it along with your check or money order to Trumbull SWCD. You also may come in to the office or call 330-637-2046, Ext. 101, for an order form.

Growing time is just about upon us and your SWCD is ready to help.

Mike Wilson is the executive director of the Trumbull Soil and Water Conservation District and is an associate member of the Trumbull County Farm Bureau.