Staying up all night for a cause

MCDONALD – Students at McDonald High School were “Up All Night” for a good cause as they raised not only awareness but more than $1,000 for the Warren Family Rescue Mission.

Jody Conway, a teacher and adviser to McDonald Student Volunteers, said the students stayed up from 8 p.m. Saturday to 7 a.m. Sunday, with all money going to the mission’s Women and Children Unit.

“We are taking a stand for homelessness,” she said

McDonald Student Volunteers is a new group of 30 members who do different community service events during the year, member Stephen Politano said.

About 130 students in seventh to 12th grades provided donations to stay up all night at the high school gymnasium. They took part in activities such as bounce around, human hamster balls, laser tag, movies and Xbox tournaments. Club member Jonah Walp said a fourth of the school’s students turned out.

With donations, a total $1,250 was raised.

Breanna Nagi, club president, said Conway came up with the idea when the students sat down to talk to her about fundraising.

“She told us about different organization that need help, and we decided to help the mission,” Nagi said.

Allie Streb, vice president, said the new student group was started this year with the mission among the first organizations to be helped.

Conway said, “My group of students said people have done lock-ins, so we thought it would good to take a stand on homelessnees and and take part in an up all night event.”

Conway said teachers, parents, high school Principal Gary Carkido and other volunteers donated their time to help.

“This was the first time for such an event here,” Conway said.

Jessie Wood, women and children’s director for the Warren Family Mission, said the mission was very grateful for the donation, which will help women and children served by the mission.

“It’s amazing to see all these kids coming out tonight and getting involved in helping others in their community. It’s really wonderful,” Woods said.

The mission runs solely on donations, Woods said.

She said one of every five homeless people are children.

Carkido said the students were to be commended for what they did in raising money for a local charity. The students also learned about homelessness and what the mission is doing locally.